stay in the zone…


Practice, practice, practice. It’s the only way to make your casting look effortless and your loops smooth and tight. I try to cast at least once a week with my friends just to stay in shape. It is always a good idea to downsize your outfit so you can work on your technique without fatigue. Practice like you fish, NO YARN!!!  put a fly on the end of your leader but bend back the hook and barb. Try to stay consistent in the length of your leader setup, especially if you are sight fishing. Cast when its windy. Practice casting over your opposite shoulder for when the wind change direction. The Flyzone will help you practice correctly so when you do get that opportunity to fish in big fish country, you are not intimidated, you are ready to play with the big boys and seal the deal. Consider a lesson or two with Jim and me. We love taking anglers to the next level.

-Al Q

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