A few of the species our friend Larry Acord has racked up over the past few years. He continues to work with Al and Jim to Stay in the Fly Zone!
“Larry Acord doesn’t need a testimonial (the pics are worth a million words), Larry has been an all-star student of the Fly Zone and in the last few years he has caught some impressive species. He has learned to make the casts count and how to land fish efficiently. He practices his casting every week and continues to master the long rod, if you asked him how’s his casting is coming along, he would say he has a long way to go, I disagree, but that is the attitude it takes to be a great angler. There’s no stopping this guy, fly fishing has become a lot of fun!” –Al Q

23# Rainbow - Argentina
That was the calm day. Later needed everything I got from you and Jim to deal with the incredible wind. Also pre trip practice and proper exercise gave a 73 year old stamina to complete 6 long hard days with no arm or shoulder issues. I am still smiling looking back at the pics.
“After 60 years of fly fishing; you would think I had our sport figured out. Not by a long shot! The Fly Zone Team of Al and Jim gave me the knowledge to get my first corbina, to tune up my casting after being humbled on a tarpon outing, to get my gear in order for a rainbow bucket list trip to Argentina. You can always learn, but it takes great teachers to produce real results in a short amount of time. The Fly Zone has been a smart use of my time and money. If only I had been able to receive their counsel over the years, I might not have the mismatched rods, reels, lines, flies, gathering cobwebs in my garage.” – Don

After a few sessions with the Fly Zone, Titano Cruz got to try his hand some saltwater flyfishing. He made a nice cast, hand stripped the fly and landed his FIRST fly caught Calico Bass on fly. WTG T! Photo by Al Quattrocchi
“I was curious for a very long time on learning how to fly-fish. I knew where to start, I asked for help from my dear friend Al Q, who introduced me to Jim Solomon. I started learning with the Fly Zone program. Man I am telling you, I didn’t know how much fun I was about to have. I wasn’t even casting in the water and the lessons were fun. Last week, Al and John Whitaker invited me to go fishing with them. It was my first graduated lesson in saltwater flyfishing. What a great time catching fish on flies. I still have a long way to go, but I am sure I know with practice and these guys guidance I will get there fast and I will have a great time doing it, thank you Al and Jim. “ – Titano

“I sat for a year with a fly rod and reel, not really knowing how to use them. I was smart enough to know I needed some pointers, and fortunate enough to meet Al Q at a casting seminar. The Fly Zone provides the experience and knowledge of Jim Solomon and Al Q, two innovative and fun fly fishing experts, to anyone interested in learning, refining, or focusing their fly fishing experience.” – Charles