a few notes on double hauling…

I think I will rename this cast to the “Cry Me A River” cast. I do not mean to be harsh but I have watched so many casters over the years throw their rods in frustration because they cannot manage the double haul. Here is the problem in a “nut shell” – they cannot cast a good loop without hauling! They have too much slack in their loops and you can drive a UPS truck through them.  Cure – take casting lessons from The Fly Zone and correct your basic casting stroke. You need to understand loop control and line speed before you step into the “black hole” of the Double Haul! 

Here is a great exercise to try and master:  Determine how much fly line you can false cast with good loop control and a smooth stroke. Then increase your stroke speed while maintaining a good loop.  Once you are proficient with this cast, see how much line you can shoot without hauling! You will need to false cast approx. 3 to 4 times with smooth controlled loops before releasing the line that is pinched to your grip. Keep your left hand in your left pocket. You don’t need it. Next, increase your line speed while maintaining controlled loops and let the line fly. I bet you will cast farther this way than with a bad loop and a double haul.  At the FlyZone, we specialize in correcting bad casting habits and teach you the right way to cast. 

– Jim Solomon



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