Do you have “Hitch Hiker’s Wrist” ?

I believe the back cast is the most important part of the cast. More often than not, I see anglers casting  wide open “boxy” looking back loops. These big, open loops do not allow the angler to fully load (bend) their rod for a nice smooth tight forward loop. The wide open back loop has no  energy and failed line speed which will hinder rod load or rod bend necessary for the forward loop formation. The cause of this open loop is what I call ” Hitch Hiker’s Wrist” – an open wrist with  the thumb sticking out. To cure this curse you must firm up the wrist. Make sure the butt of your rod stays close to your arm, no more than the width of two of your fingers together. It’s all about muscle memory. Practicing with good habits will eventually make you a good caster.


Hitch Hiker Wrist 1Firm Wrist Position 1

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