making the shot count…

Photo by Larry Acord. Al Q and good friend Jeff DeBrown of Reel Baja Outfitters, holding a solid Rooster fish caught sight casting off the beach on fly estimated between 60 and 70 pounds. East Cape, July 2019

As you know at The Fly Zone we practice casting all the time. We try to recreate real life experiences and challenges; like windy day casting, or getting your fly to lay out straight at 80 feet so when you strip your fly you can come tight immediately. Not that you have to cast 80 feet but it is nice to know you can, the reality is most fish are caught with an accurate cast between 20 and 60 feet. So why do we practice? We practice so we are ready for the opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime. The Fly Zone is not just a class, it is an attitude, a confidence, it’s the ability to self correct your own casting problems when your fishing. We all want to improve, me included, have fun and maximize our time on the water. The Rooster fish above is a testament to staying in the moment, making a good cast, and being lucky that all the knots held fast! LOL You just never know when a fish of a lifetime tracks and eats your fly, belly on the sand, two feet off the beach. Unless you practice for that moment and it can never be visualized!  Tight lines!

-Al Q

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