casting in stardust


I love listening to Nat King Cole sing “Stardust Melody”. Smooth and with perfect timing. He doesn’t force the lyrics, they just flow like a spring creek. I especially like the words “Love’s refrain” at the end of the song.

Here are some “Stardust Melody” pointers for you fly casters, especially you salty ones:

1. The casting stroke must be Smooth with beautifully timed stops on the back and forward casts.

2. Refrain from overpowering your cast. Reduce your power by 50% but remember to stop and I mean stop the rod.

3. Refrain from rushing the cast. Let your backcast unroll before you start the forward stroke. If you don’t you will creep forward, reduce your stroke length and tail your loop.

3. Relax your hand in between the back and forward cast and only grip firmly at the stops.

4. Sit down, pour yourself a nice glass of wine and listen to Nat sing “Stardust Melody”. This will be your new casting mantra – Smooth, Less Force, Smooth, Less Force just like Nat’s singing.

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